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"If you are looking for an offbeat adventure that allows you to live like royalty, in a palace surrounded by art and experience culture, head out to Odisha."

"The best thing about staying in Belgadia Palace is that the family also engages with the guests. Interesting fact—the siblings will also be your tour guides and show you around. The royal sisters are of the view that visitors should come and explore Mayurbhanj, its youth and tribal people, and also get an idea about the culture and heritage of the place."

"Belgadia Palace offers a look into the life and times of the royal family, there are destinations in and around Baripada that one may explore to learn about the former state of Mayurbhanj." 

"This property is situated atop a hill, amidst verdant greenery and is steeped in the legacy of the state of Odisha. Belgadia Palace is marked by a stark white, double-storey façade and a striking Corinthian column that complements the regal Greek and Victorian architecture. On the inside, one will be struck by its exquisite interiors, secluded courtyards and opulent furnishings of the property."

"The palace, which once hosted the likes of Sardar Vallabhai Patel, the kings of Nepal and Bhutan and other heads of states, will be opened to the public as a heritage hotel. It will offer a glimpse into the lives and grandeur of the Bhanj Deo family, and of Mayurbhanj.

"The ‘xplorers’ got a chance to experience the rich heritage that the walls of the palace contained within itself."

"Akshita has also opened a part of the hotel to host artist in residency programmes to make Mayurbhanj an oasis of arts and culture so people can understand more about the adivasi culture and its unique art forms such as Chhau and Dhokra which are becoming extinct. We consider our home more of a platform than a property to promote sustainable living with social impact as our core ideology."

"The ‘xplorers’ were fascinated by the history associated with the palace which was juxtaposed by the modern outlook of its legacy bearers."

"aim to build a sustainable tourism model having social impact, the sisters have decided to offer tourism add-ons like visit to tribal villages where villagers practice Dokra, black stone carving, Chhau martial dance and the Similipal National Park. "

"The present renovation echoes the golden era of the state with furniture and upholstery being repurposed from the original palace, whose exterior was built to be a replica of The Buckingham Palace"

"where we have introduced sustainable and purposeful travel. A certain part of the funds received by the palace will be used to promote and preserve community-led organisations in the theme of education, health, arts and culture/architecture, which were patronised by my ancestors. "

"The palace is built on a hill, surrounded by orchards and groves and is in close proximity to the Simlipal Tiger and Elephant Reserve."

"The idea has always been to restore the property and bring it back to its former glory. I have gone through tonnes of photographs and have even sat with my grandmother to hear stories of how they lived and what they envisioned Belgadia Palace to be."

"Rath Yatra: Rath Yatra, also known as Car festival of Lord Jagannath is a very prominent festival of Simlipal city. Rath Yatra is popular for its distinctive culture and feel."

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